Despite their small size, Amish farming has become a popular style of farming. Their heirloom varieties of plants are hard to harvest with a machine, but if carefully raised, they produce healthy yields. Some Amish do use modern varieties of seed, but most stick to the old ways. The Amish’s method of alternating crop plantings allows them to get high yields and fast growth without the help of machines.

The Amish are committed to organic farming. The majority of Amish farms do not use chemicals or other pesticides. In fact, they are not even interested in modern farming methods. Amish farmers still rely on horses to plow their fields. Many of these Amish farmers sell their produce at farmer’s markets in the cities. In addition to this, some Amish grow tobacco and also hemp.

Most of the Amish use a variety of crops to maximize their yields. They do not use chemical fertilizers or anything that will harm the crop or change it from how nature intended. If you drive through an area with Amish farms you will see how the Amish’s traditional ways and simplicity really work. From horse drawn plows, to the Amish themselves working the fields and crops by hand. This attention to detail and simple ways pay off by producing some of the best quality crops.

The Amish do not see the need to change to modern ways of farming, as industrial farming is usually non-organic and uses genetically altered crops that do not always produce the best quality. This is why even when it comes to Hemp the Amish still stick to tradition. Quality is always placed over quantity, because without the quality then the product will not do the best it can. Sticking to these traditional ways also keeps costs low, allowing the Amish to maintain low pricing, but top quality. Something mass-produced products can’t match due to their operational costs.

Amish farming is also a way to bring people in the community together. Instead of having one person on a machine picking an entire field, as it is in industrial farm, the Amish community often times comes together and helps each other. You can often see this type of community effort in their construction of barns and houses as well.

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