Freeze Roll On Cream – 1000mg

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CBD + CBG Freeze Roll On Cream! An old world way of dealing with life’s hinderances. Keep moving forward with our Freeze Roll On Cream.

Size: 1000mg

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2 reviews for Freeze Roll On Cream – 1000mg

  1. eric weaver

    Super Good Product that provides excellent results! Amish Reserve is the place to be. Superior Product infused with the Amish Traditions we have all come to recognize them for

  2. Carey

    I have worked in the cannabis industry for a decade. I have tried at least a dozen topicals. Some don’t work at all, some give minor results. In the past I have found the ones that have both THC and CBD work the best. This is BY FAR the best topical I have found!! I believe the combination of CBD and CBG may be the answer.

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