Amish Reserve: Equine3500

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With 30-1ml servings per container at 117.5mg of CBD per serving, plus other important minor cannabinoids, this professional strength tincture was developed for the true competitor. It is easy to store and administer. This product is a must have in every trailer. Delicious apple flavoring.

For use in Horses only

Recommended for support:

-Managing Normal Stress

-Maintaining Normal and Balanced Behavior

-Promoting a Calming Effect

-Maintaining a Natural Inflammatory Response

Directions for use

Maintenance: Give 1ml morning and night.

Pre-Race: Give 2-4ml 1 hour prior to competition

Dosing can vary based on the size and condition of each animal. We recommend starting with the smallest dose and increasing until you have achieved your desired results.



Active- Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (with naturally occurring CBD)…117.5mg/ml

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