The main question that arises in this debate is, will CBD make you tired? It is true that CBD can help you sleep, but it does not work like any other sleep aids. Sleepiness is caused primarily by hormones and pre-sleep activities. CBD works to lower these levels, and elicits positive feelings of tranquility. It may also be a good stress management tool.

The effect of CBD on sleep is still currently being studied fully, but it does appear to improve sleep quality. Studies on REM sleep have shown that it improves the quality of REM sleep. However, it is important to note that the effect of CBD on REM sleep may depend on its source and quality. Harvard Health notes that more research is needed, but there are promising results. Some benefits of CBD include its ability to alleviate chronic pain, reducing anxiety, and increasing the duration of sleep.

Often, trouble sleeping is the main culprit of poor sleep. In fact, most people are unable to get a deep sleep and are frequently awake and stressed. Despite these problems, many people are not willing to turn to intoxicants or medication for help. This has led to the question of whether CBD will make you tired. There are some positive results. The answer is, CBD can help you fall asleep.

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