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I was tired of being sick. It was supposed to be that life would get easier with age and not harder. As I reached middle age, I noticed that my wife, or both of us, was constantly getting sick. Sometimes, we were sick for several weeks. Life is not easy when you simply don’t feel good…

Being sick all the time felt like we were wasting precious time since we weren’t getting any younger. We lost time with our family and friends. We also spent too much on prescriptions that didn’t work. Don’t even get me started on all the side effects!

As soon as one of us felt better, rarely both of us at the same time, the cycle would start all over again. Even staying healthy and exercising regularly weren’t enough to keep our body’s immune system strong against colds, flu and other bugs and infections. I was determined to find the perfect remedy. Finally, a friend suggested a new solution we should try. One that had never even crossed our minds

This was not another medication or something you walked in and bought at your local pharmacy. My wife is afraid of needles, so it wasn’t a flu shot. It was not something to inject or swallow, but the exact opposite. It was science! Only 5 all-natural plant extract oils with immune-boosting properties, that have been around for hundreds of years, are available.

A 2017 study in a biology journal published the first ever scientific evidence of how the oil blend affects human cells. Researchers discovered that the specific blend of plant extract oils significantly improved communication between cells in the body. The end result is less inflammation and a stronger immune system.

I will share this blend with all of you in a few moments, just as my friend did with me. But I want you to see how the blend was expertly created with and how each ingredient works to boost your immune system.

Clove can kill germs and fungus. According to a study published in Annals of Microbiology, clove oil is anti-carcinogenic against many oral pathogens. Clove can neutralize harmful staph infections as well E.coli (the same bacteria that causes food poisoning) and Candida albicans. Clove’s main chemical, eugenol (the main ingredient in clove), has been found to have stronger anti-inflammatory properties than any over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Lemon! The broad-spectrum antiviral properties of lemon are impressive. This means that it can protect you from many different viruses, including those that cause flu and cold symptoms. The body’s detoxification process is greatly assisted by lemon. Linalool, an active ingredient in lemons, is antibacterial. It’s especially effective against the sneaky “acinetobacter”, which can cause serious infections as well as antibiotic resistance.

Cinnamon can boost your respiratory system and protect you from unfriendly bacteria. Cinnamon’s active ingredient, “cinnamic aciddehyde,” kills many harmful fungi including Aspergillus, also known as “black mold”. In studies that used cell lines, cinnamon was shown to inhibit the growth of tumors.

Eucalyptus has helped people breathe more easily for centuries. Research has shown that a particular species of eucalyptus can help to inhibit many types of bacteria that can cause you severe illness, including H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae, and S. coli.

Rosemary boosts your immune system by reducing muscle pain and inflammation. It helps to eliminate mucus from the body. Research has shown that rosemary antioxidants can neutralize free radical damage.

My friend was able to explain all this very clearly to me: Every 5,000 miles, we take the car to the mechanic to maintain a smooth-running vehicle. These five plant extract oils can be likened to the tune-up that your immune system requires to keep it running smoothly as well.

So, what was this miraculous recommendation that changed our lives and had us enjoying life again?

You can buy each oil separately and experiment with different amounts. If you have the patience and time, you can also make your own blend. My family and I have so many things going on, I don’t have time to run my own apothecary. I also don’t have the time or expertise to purchase all five oils individually in large patches and then come up with proper mix with the best results.

My friend steered me in the right direction. It was the best direction. A perfectly blended blend that can be purchased for pennies per dollar and is even used in many different products for a wide selection to fit your tastes. This will save you time and money.

It’s a mix from Amish Reserve that is added to all their chocolates!

Although you may be able find products with essential oils at your local pharmacy, it’s unlikely that anything will match the purity (100%) or effectiveness of Amish Reserve’s infused products.

Amish Reserve’s chocolate products are now my go to for my immune system boost. These home baked delights are an easy way to get just what my body needs, and they taste amazing! Who doesn’t like a snack that also help your body stay strong? My friend described it simply, we take our cars for regular oil changes to keep them running smoothy. Sometimes our bodies need a tune-up and Amish Reserve’s products are just that!

It’s a joy to report that my wife and I have been healthy since we started our journey with Amish Reserve, despite the many contagious and nasty illnesses that exist all around us. My family has not missed important events because of illness, even though many of their friends have had to stay home with the flu or colds.

Amish Reserve has helped my family and I remain healthy. It’s also provided me with peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about how my wife and I will fare if we get sick. Life has become easier for me now that I know how to maintain my body just like my car. A simple and easy tune-up

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