When most people think about methods of pain relief, their minds go straight to generic over-the-counter pills or a potentially pricey prescription from the doctor. The perfect alternative to these options is a simple cream. Discover how topical pain relief products work to alleviate your symptoms and you’ll be on the way to living a more comfortable life.

What is a topical pain medication?

Topical simply means that the medication is applied to your skin. Often, this type of medication is in the form of natural pain relief creams or gels. When you apply a pain relieving cream to an area that’s bothering you, your skin absorbs the medication’s ingredients and they go straight to the aching joint.

This makes topical pain relief creams well-suited for joints that are closer to the surface of your skin, such as the joints in your hands, feet, and lower back. In comparison to oral medication that needs to work its way through your bloodstream to bring these areas relief, topical creams can work locally to target a specific aching area.

What ingredients are in topical pain medication?

The exact list of active ingredients in a pain relief cream will vary from product to product, but there are a few common ones found in most of them. To provide the same relief as pills like aspirin and ibuprofen, many creams will contain salicylates. Salicylates have the same pain-relieving substance as those over-the-counter pills, but you don’t have to compromise your stomach lining when you use a topical cream. This ingredient alleviates pain by blocking the nerve impulse transmissions that cause you to feel the ache. Salicylates can also reduce joint inflammation, which in turn reduces pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Many natural pain relief creams will also utilize counterirritants. These ingredients will create a hot or cold sensation to distract the user from their pain. Typical substances in topical creams include menthol or camphor. Counterirritants may also produce a tingling sensation that works well to relieve the pain from a user’s aching joints.

Nearly 59% of people suffering from chronic pain say that it impacts their overall enjoyment of life. By using a product as simple as topical pain relief, you may be able to lead a life unimpeded by chronic pain. Explore MagniLife’s range of pain relief products to make a more pain-free life your reality.

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