One of the most common reasons for insufficient sleep is stress and anxiety. Stress hormones, including cortisol, alert the body to danger and prevent sleep. Chronic flooding of the body with this hormone can be detrimental. CBD is believed to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety while regulating the body’s cortisol levels. Ultimately, CBD improves sleep by promoting REM sleep. It is possible that CBD has other beneficial effects as well, including reducing anxiety and stress.

While CBD isn’t a cure-all, it is an important tool in helping people cope with stress. The benefits of CBD for sleep are many, and it is a safe, natural way to improve your sleeping cycle. Insomnia is a major cause of poor sleep and is often linked to stress and anxiety. CBD reduces this stress hormone by activating CB1 receptors, which are responsible for maintaining a healthy balance between glutamate and GABA.

While there is no standard dose for CBD, guidelines and trial and error can help you find the correct one for you. Take your dose at least an hour before bed and gradually increase it. When using CBD for sleep, start with the lowest dosage and build up to a higher dosage as your body tolerates it. Once you’ve found the right dose, you can begin your new regimen. Just make sure to talk to your doctor about any medication or supplements before you start.

CBD has also been found to improve sleep, though it has been proven to have a biphasic effect. A high dose of CBD induces sleep and a low dose promotes wakefulness. However, CBD seems to be more suited to promoting deep sleep, which is the most restorative type. CBD is also effective in treating anxiety. It can help you relax and fall asleep naturally, so your body will not be under the strain of stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

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