You may be wondering: Do CBD gummies expire? Well, yes and no. They do have a short shelf life. They are best consumed within three months after opening.

Generally, CBD gummies will lose their flavor after six to nine months. This is because the CBD changes its structure as it ages. This makes the product less potent. Also, you’re more likely to experience side effects if you consume an expired product. However, as long as the gummies retain their texture and don’t have mold, they’re safe to eat beyond the recommended shelf life.

The best way to avoid this is to buy the newest batch of CBD gummies. The older ones may be exposed to ultraviolet light, which shortens the life of the product. They may also be prone to overstocking. If you buy CBD gummies online, you can ask the seller to send you fresh stock when the current batch is about to expire.

Although cannabinoids don’t “go bad”, their molecular structure does. As a result, CBD gummies can lose their potency if they’re not kept at a temperature where they stay fresh. In addition, their taste may change, destroying their ability to give you the desired effect.

The best way to preserve CBD gummies is to keep them in a cool, dry place. A glass jar or Ziploc bag will work. They retain their potency and freshness for two years, but their flavor may be diminished or even eliminated by the time they’ve passed their best before date. They may still be edible, but they won’t have the same effect if they’ve been opened.

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