A new study examining CBD for pain relief has found some promising results. It was the first experimental pain trial to study CBD. The researchers manipulated participants’ information to test whether it would reduce the intensity of the experimental pain. In addition, they administered the drug to participants in an attempt to reduce the level of unpleasantness. But the results of this study have yet to be confirmed. However, the results suggest that CBD can be a useful tool for easing aches and reducing pain in some cases.

cbd pain relief

The body naturally produces endogenous cannabinoids. The two most common are anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (GAG). The two are lipids that attach to endocannabinoid receptors on cells and influence cell responses and pain signaling pathways. According to the Michigan Medicine News Break, CBD interacts with neurological receptors in the spinal cord, thereby enhancing AEA’s effects.

In a Phase III study, researchers compared CBD with a THC-predominant extract. Despite the high concentration of THC in the extract, no statistical difference was observed between the two groups. The presence of CBD in the preparation was crucial in improving pain relief. In the spinal injury pain study, there was no significant difference in the treatment group compared to placebo, but the short study duration may have contributed to the lack of statistical significance. While this study did not address the benefits of CBD for arthritis, other studies are showing promising results.

In recent years, the availability of CBD products has exploded, with creams claiming to target specific spots on the body. Lip balms with CBD in them target the sensitive skin surrounding the lips. There are also CBD pain creams formulated specifically for arthritis and muscle soreness. Most of these products contain 100-300mg of CBD per jar. In general, they contain multiple ingredients that can cause different effects in the body.

CBD for arthritis is not a substitute for opioids. But it has a few other advantages, too. The compound is also known to alleviate skin conditions and can be an excellent topical treatment for chronic pain. Although it has some potential for pain relief, it can cause tiredness and change your appetite. Nevertheless, it can help you to sleep better at night. The pain relief from CBD is so long-lasting that you can easily forget about it for a few days after using it.

In a recent study, a small group of kidney transplant patients received CBD for pain relief. Six of the seven participants reported improvement in their pain levels. One participant experienced more pain with higher doses, while the other two experienced a greater reduction in their pain. But these studies do not indicate that CBD is a good alternative for pain management. The findings of these trials suggest that it can be used alongside opioid therapy. This study may even be the first to test the effectiveness of CBD for arthritis.

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