CBD is known to help reduce inflammation, which can be one of the main causes of period cramps. Inflammation is a major cause of pain during your period and can also be a symptom of PMS. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and works by regulating the production of prostaglandins. It also has analgesic properties.

Menstrual cramps are painful and uncomfortable for many women. Generally, they can begin anywhere from a few days before your period and can peak a full 24 hours after the onset of your period. In severe cases, menstrual cramps may last up to three days. But CBD can help relieve the pain of menstrual cramps and help you enjoy your period pain free.

When menstrual cramps occur, the uterine muscle wall contracts to remove the womb lining and compresses the blood vessels within the womb. The lack of oxygen and blood causes the tissue in the womb to release chemicals that cause pain. It is estimated that about a quarter of women experience moderate to intense pain during their menstrual cycle. However, it is important to note that pain levels tend to decrease after menarche and during pregnancy.

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