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The Amish care about their community and we are all one community on this planet. Maintain a normal life and enjoy all the activities that you are being kept from. Bend, lift, climb, jump, have fun, and more. No one likes to sit on the sidelines, and you don’t have to either. Amish Reserve has used their knowledge of nature and traditional ways to bring old world ways direct to your door step. Enjoy life and get out there and do what you love!

Amish Reserve – Serving Canton, Ohio!

You have come to the right place for the best Amish Quality CBD products available around Canton, Ohio. We are proud to be able to provide our products locally to the community of Canton via our retail store located at 47 W Main St. Dalton, OH 44618.

As an Amish owned business, we are all about community and helping others. That is why Canton, Ohio is no different than any other community we are apart of. You can routinely see Amish around the surrounding areas of Canton, we work and live right alongside you! Many of us use CBD and you wouldn’t even know it.

Over 71,000 individuals call Canton, Ohio home and many hard working individuals suffer from back pain, poor sleep, anxiety, low energy, and more. Amish Reserve CBD products can help! You will enjoy life again and not have suffering controlling your day.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to Amish Reserve and see just what our products are all about.

edibles, cream, topical, oil, gummy, cbd gummies, amish grown hemp

“Came upon this product after Amish Reserve visited and dropped off some samples to try.. I was very surprised at the potency and the amount you get. Highly recommend this product...”
- Brian Reynolds, 54, Carpenter

edibles, cream, topical, oil, gummy, cbd gummies, amish grown hemp

"Amazing product. Suffering... regularly was ruining my life. Amish Reserve cream allowed me to just roll it on... Thank you so much!"

-Jessie Baker, 58, Welder

edibles, cream, topical, oil, gummy, cbd gummies, amish grown hemp

“Thank you Amish Reserve! For their quality and amazing products. The freeze roll on cream is amazing! I definitely recommend this company!"

- Christina Murphy, 35, Dry Cleaner

FREE Local Samples!

Would you like to try a free sample of a select Amish Reserve product? If you’re from Canton, Ohio or the surrounding area, please fill out this form and you will be contacted on how to obtain your FREE sample.


What Are the Best CBD Topicals?

popularity of CBD products

There are many types of CBD topicals available on the market today. Depending on your desired effect and motivation, you should choose a product that suits your needs. Amish Reserve is home to a freeze roll on CBD topical that can be used for many different purposes. CBD topicals can also be lotions, ointments, or oils. Lotions and ointments are lighter and can be applied directly to the skin, whereas oils are applied to the entire body. 

Amish Reserve CBD topical is a CBD isolate topical made with the highest quality. It has a refreshing scent, is nongreasy, and provides relief from various types of pain. This CBD roll on cream is also fast-acting and works for a variety of different areas. It contains only needed ingredients and it is THC-free. 

Amish Reserve product comes in a roll-on bottle and targets pain and anti-inflammatory support. In addition, we also offer various other CBD products including tinctures and edibles such as gummies.

To find the best CBD topical, you should start by checking the ingredients. Make sure that the ingredients are common and easily identifiable. Those with red flags are ones that should be avoided. Read our online reviews to see that Amish Reserve product is of high quality with great results. 

When choosing CBD topicals, make sure the product is COA-certified to ensure that it passed rigorous testing and contains the claimed CBD. You can easily find Amish Reserve lab reports on our website. If you ever have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to ask!

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